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      Tel: 0151 420 1404Fax: 0151 420 1407


      SIP Building Systems Ltd is a major supplier of SIP panels and has identified the self build housing market as the largest user of our panels; these are processed and predominantly supplied via SIP fabricators. SIP panels are used from a small extension up to a large executive new build property.

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      SIP Building Systems Ltd have demonstrated that SIP panels can be used in large commercial projects from Hotels, Schools, Super Markets & Universities, the speed of construction and the fact the weather does not really disrupt the building process, SIPS have proved to be a major factor in the winter months. One great advantage of using SIPS in commercial projects is the fact that many external products can be hung on the outside face of the SIP panel from, Aluminium Rainscreens, Terracotta Tile, Render, Brick, Timber, Granite Tiles etc...

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      Leisure Homes

      SIP Building Systems Ltd for many years has been providing SIP panels too a number of leading leisure home and modular building manufacturers. The panels used by the leisure home manufacturers are typically used in the floor, the panels are screwed down to a steel chassis and the homes are built up from there, some manufacturers are also using the SIP panels in the walls. SBS tend to produce panels that make up a kit of parts that are then erected by the leisure home manufacturers.


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      Controlled Environments

      SIP Building Systems Ltd also has a division called Custom Coldrooms who produce rooms to create a controlled environmental, these rooms are used predominantly in the food industry and are used extensively by a number well known high street brands.

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      Specialist Solutions

      SBS design and manufacture modular and flat pack ballistic and blast protected shelters which are designed to save lives and reduce the threat of injury to a wide range of military and non-miltary personnel.

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      Bespoke Products

      SIP panels are used to create modular PODs for hotel and student accommodation rooms, a typical hotel pod room is manufactured in a factory environment which once?complete includes all carpets, curtains, beds etc... They are then crane lifted into position and stacked on top of each other on site once all groundwork's are complete.

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      Introduction to SIPS

      Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) were first introduced into the UK in the 1970’s and to this day SIPS are still seen as a novel form of construction although it has been a long established form of construction in America and Scandinavian countries. However, several factors including more stringent building regulations aiming for lower U-Values, new government reports calling for improvements in quality and efficiency and environmental awareness in the building industry have led to the recent rapid growth in the popularity of SIPS. Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) technology is regarded by many influential figures as the future of the construction industry in the UK & Ireland.



      SIPS are a sandwich of oriented strand board (OSB/3) with an insulating rigid Polyurethane (PUR) core. The polyurethane (PUR) core used in the SIP Building Systems Structural Insulated Panels is CFC/HCFC-free with zero Ozone Depletion Potential and has a Low Global Warming Potential (GWP).

      The OSB and the foam are rigidly bonded together resulting in a strong, stiff, highly insulated panel suitable for structural use in buildings.


      Application of SIPS

      Structural Insulated Panels are used in all types of construction from;

      • Schools
      • Hotels
      • Office Blocks
      • Hospitals
      • Houses
      • Modular Buildings
      • Leisure Homes
      • Granny Annexes
      • Garden Office
      • Extensions
      • Super Markets
      • Security Lodges
      • Barn Conversions
      • Loft Conversions
      • Flat Roofs


      Key Advantages of SIPS

      Environmentally Friendly - ODP zero insulation core and OSB/3 faces made from sustainable forest resources.

      Excellent Thermal Performance - U-value as low as 0.10 w/m²k, limited cold bridging and superior air tightness.

      Save Construction Time And Cost - Large engineered components.

      Space-Maximising Design - Open habitable roof space could transform a 3-bed house to a 5-bed house for little extra cost.

      Light-Weight Structural Strength - The average weight per sqm of a Structural Insulated Panel is 20kg.

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