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      Tel: 0151 420 1404Fax: 0151 420 1407

      Controlled Environments

      SIP Building Systems Ltd also has a division called Custom Coldrooms who produce rooms to create a controlled environment; these rooms are used predominantly in the food industry and are used extensively by a number of well known high street brands.


      Panels are joined together with a cam lock device and are available in many finishes such as; stainless steel, white food safe laminate and a range of coloured PVC coated steel to meet our customer's various requirements.


      All rooms are manufactured to each individual customer’s requirements; panel thicknesses range from 80mm to 150mm.



      Controlled Environments Case Study.


      Pizza Express




      PCPM Refrigeration Ltd


      Dual Compartment, 80mm Food Safe Laminate Panel, constructed in 1 day


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